2019 Thursday evening - Day 6

Good evening. Thanks Michele for the nice note.

My only complaint about camp is my accumulated bug bites - deer flies. I think yesterday and today I wore a terry cloth robe after getting out of the water. I didn’t think the flies would bite through the wet terry, but they do!! Next year I need to bring something else to dry off with and then the robe. Or maybe just change back into clothes. This is my only complaint. Everything else is perfect. It’s porkchop night so a threat of rain all day. I haven’t looked at radar but I know there was a threat this evening, so I don’t know if it is missing us or not. Then I think possible rain overnight too. My rainfly leaks (or used to leak before I tried sealing it again). So I will see if the sealing worked.

Dinner: pork chops (delicious and tender), mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce, corn, and homemade bread pudding. All great.

Canoeing did great in their skills but it was too windy to do the solo. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Swimming MB completed most of the requirements except diving. Activity period we were supposed to have the first years for canoeing, but they decided they needed to work on their archery arrows.

I’m out now at my favorite spot, the docks of the beach. A light breeze, but I can hear it in the distance.