2019 Thursday morning Day 6

I think I lost what I wrote previously, so I’ll start again.

The boys returned from he campout/hike reporting it was easy. Others said setting up the tents in the dark was brutal from a mosquito perspective. It was much quieter in camp with half the scouts gone, although I did hear of one shenanigan that was illegal.

Weather still sunny and wonderful but a stronger breeze coming off the lake, which can be nice at the beach because it drives the bugs back into the woods. But it makes more waves so more difficult for any MB that require precision. The Fishing MB did go out fishing to the other side of the lake. The scouts asked to return to where they went yesterday. It’s porkchop night so we all expect rain, and it is on the forecast for later in the day.

Breakfast today was pancakes, homemade bacon, and oranges. The bacon is always a favorite. Another new camper with us, Crystal. She came late last night. I offered that she might take pictures around camp and post them on google photos, so maybe more will be added today. I have more to add also.

The bugs are getting to me. the accumulation of bug bites is a lot. I get a lot of mosquito bites, and they really are bothersome, but they go away. The deer fly bites just accumulate and itch really bad. They are biting me through my clothes. I know I got a lot at last nights campfire.

I need to sign off and go make brownies . I think lunch timing will be good.