2019 Friday afternoon

A perfect weather week, possibly Jeff and my best. Today was a little warmer with a bit more humidity. Earlier this after noon it was dewpoint 67 with temp of 77. Now it’s 84 with dewpoint of 59.

The fishing MB reported they saw a pair of loons this morning with a baby. They caught a fish and were feeding it to the baby. Sadly seeing a loon has become commonplace so we don’t remark on it and tell everyone about it. But loons are all over the place. At any given time you can look around the lake and see a loon, but sometimes they come in quite close.

Lunch today was NODEATH lunch. Always new hilarity. The raptor costumes made an appearance - four. There was a lot of pepperoni, lettuce, and bread with a mixture of all kinds of other stuff. Then more was brought out for seconds.

After lunch I don’t remember what I did, just general personal errands. Then third period was canoeing, and fourth was swimming. Both MBs scouts finished those. I also heard Archery people finished.

Dean, I hear you’re getting sprung today. I’m hoping we can stop by on our way out tomorrow. Would be extremely brief.

We did some cleanup during adult bath time around the beach and loaded into trucks.

Up next is mandatory bath/open swim, dinner (steak night), Cleanup camp, then campfire. I don’t know if I’ll get another blog written or not.