2019 Friday Morning

Good Morning!

Some rain came through last night. Wasn’t bad but I had memories from the storm three years ago so I didn’t want to stay in my tent and I ran to the A-frame at the start. I only had a little phone battery, but I watched the radar and first it looked like it would go around us, then it reformed and the red came right at us, and I could hear lightning in the distance, that’s what convinced me to get out. So I ran up the road, it was just a light sprinkle, but when I got to the top of the A-frame it really started raining hard. I’d say it rained hard for about 20 minutes, but no lightning nearby. Walking back to the tent it was just a light sprinkle. Of course I was wide awake and it took me a bit to get back to sleep. You would think a middle of the night latrine run would make it less of an emergency in the morning, but Nope!

Breakfast this morning was cereal, orange and apple slices, biscuits.

I checked on the boat this morning. We’ve had water leaking in all week. Our best guess is around the motor mounts. Yesterday morning, with higher winds all night there was more water. Today of course too, because of the rain last night. It’s a nice boat. I’ll try to take a picture or two of the fishing MB in the boat.

My bites have reached a point of intolerability. I sure called it right on the deer flies biting through both my suit and the terry robe. I’ve probably got close to a dozen bites on my belly (reminds me of the pictures my mom took of my chicken pox) and all over my upper legs. The good news is that NO BITES ON MY FEET! Which has historically been a big problem in the past. I have been obsessive this week about drying off my feet immediately upon leaving the water and putting shoes on right away.

I got clarification on the temps earlier in the week. The first two nights Tyler tells me it got down to 56 - perfect!! Haha if you had enough blankets. I didn’t hear much complaining. The third night got down to 64. I’d say high temps all week were upper 70s and lower 80s. Early in the week the dew point was lower 50s. I haven’t checked again until this morning, dewpoint 63. Temp is 67. It’s cloudy, gray. If the sun comes out it will be more hot and humid.

Some shoes with pink laces were up the flagpole this morning. I didn’t see it but I heard two pair. By the time I saw, the shoes were down and relaced. I wonder what happened to the pink! I want! LoL

OA last night. One scout and one adult. I have mixed feelings sharing who, because I think the scout would want to share with the parents. But the adult story was notable, so I’ll share. The adult who was selected ended up staying in camp to get some other work done, so wasn’t present to call out. Someone went back to get the adult and the other non-OA people left (ceremony was over). The OA people stuck around to see Nubia get called out for OA. She was very honored and we are lucky to have her and all the things she does for our Troop. Speaking from personal experience, she does a lot of behind the scenes stuff where you wouldn’t necessarily notice sometimes. Thank you Nubia! Also notable, we had a Vigil member called out too. I wish I could speak to the honor of being selected for Vigil, but I can say it is an honor to be voted by all the OA in the district and Walt has done a lot for the OA district and was very deserving of this amazing honor. We have been lucky to have Walt in our troop, both as a young scout, but also as an adult.

It’s quiet here at the beach, the fishing MB people are out across the lake. I took a picture and will load it to the new Google photos album just created yesterday. I might see the boat coming back.