2019 Saturday Day 8

Good Morning!

This year feels different to me. For the first time I am disappointed to have the week come to an end. The weather couldn’t have been better and the scouts all very nice. Things hummed along all week quite nicely.

Supper last night was steak, cheesy potatoes, fried onions, raw veggies. Delicious as always.

Camp fire last night the skits were pretty good! It was a pleasant surprise. The were relevant to the week, and everyone did something. I reprised my theme from Wednesday - kindness - and shared my favorite kindness quotes.

Sleeping last night was perfect temperature and I slept pretty well. Now it’s cleanup, close up camp, and clear out. Unless there is something specific, this is my last blog for the year. Glad to have you all aboard. It’s my pleasure to ramble on and have people listen.


PS did you notice the two communications MB scouts got their blog entry in just under the wire.